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Kalmar area tightens coronary artery recommendations | Aftonbladet



Kalmar region sharpens its regional recommendations.

In addition to being present at school and work, it is recommended that you do not meet anyone other than those with whom you live.

The situation is very dangerous, says infection control doctor Lisa Labye Sandlin.

On Monday morning, Kalmar district sent a press release urging: “Do not meet anyone other than the one you live with, in addition to what is necessary at school or in the workplace.”

Infection control physician Lisa Labbé Sandelin made a decision on stricter regional recommendations due to the high prevalence of the covid-19 virus and the high burden on healthcare.

– The situation is very dangerous. Everyone has to take great personal responsibility and refrain from meeting other people. I know it’s tough and many are tired of living this way, but it is absolutely imperative that we stress a lot more in the coming weeks. We all need to pause until that last little thing, which we’ve so far considered the most difficult to give up, she says in the press release.

Infection Control Physician Lisa Labe Sandlin.


Infection Control Physician Lisa Labe Sandlin.

It is also spread outdoors

The British surge of coronavirus is now dominating the Kalmar area.

The infection research work among those who have contracted COVID-19 also shows that the infection is spreading much faster than before.

We see infection spread as adults train together indoors, when traveling together for work and in social contexts such as dinner – even if you are seen in small groups and think you keep a distance, even sometimes outdoors, says Lisa Labi Sandelin in Press release.

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She continues:

Therefore, you should not meet anyone other than those with whom you live.

Those who live alone are advised to spend time with one or two close people, but only if not everyone generally has a great deal of contact.

The recommendations also state that residents should not organize or participate in events or activities where people gather, such as dinners and parties.

Anyone working in an activity where an outbreak of COVID-19 is occurring should avoid staying in the community as much as possible during an outbreak.

People who have been vaccinated should also follow the recommendations

It is also recommended that municipalities in the area keep non-essential activities that are accessible to the public closed. Exceptions apply to sports, leisure and cultural activities for children.

Although the Swedish Public Health Agency recommends some rest for people who have been vaccinated, the infection control doctor recommends that, given the serious infection situation in the area, all vaccinated people continue to follow general and regional recommendations.

Regional Recommendations cover everyone who lives or resides in Kalmar County and is valid until May 16.

The current recommendations will also be extended until May 16. These affect, among other things, schools, wearing mouthguards on public transport and in workplaces where infection has been confirmed and distances cannot be maintained.

Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

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