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Joy and comfort in the Eiffel Tower

Joy and comfort in the Eiffel Tower

Martin Dalili in turn with his wife, to celebrate Emmanuel Macron’s election victory.

Photo: Martin Mederyd Hårdh / TT

Big kiss. A great satisfaction.

Emmanuel Macron’s voters didn’t feel completely safe when they woke up on Sunday, but the upheaval turned out to be unexplained.

– I am very happy that he will have another five years, says Martin Daly, a resident of Paris, who accepted victory with his wife on the stage of the Eiffel Tower.

—and: It wasn’t Marine Le Pen, adds DeLill, who works in the D.C. Department of Health Care.

Over the past five years, he believes, Emmanuel Macron has shown what he stands for when France faces one or more crises.

– He was very brave.

Over the next five years, he hopes Macron will focus a little more on climate policy and continue on his path to the European Union.

– And with regard to culture, our democracy, says Martin Delell, who then reflects on the “big debate” that the president tried to launch in connection with the protests of the Yellow West.

“Good news for you”

Agnès, who worked as a government employee in Brussels for many years, celebrates the European Union flag. This is what you consider the most important issue.

He (Macron) has a vision for Europe, for the future and for young people, as you say in the hustle and bustle of the Martian field.

Agnes, who does not wish to reveal her last name, worked for many years as a government employee in Brussels. The European Union is close to her heart.

Photo: Martin Mederyd Hårdh / TT

She says Macron’s re-election is good news for Europe, including Sweden.

The most important thing at the moment is that we stick to each other within the European Union and we stand strong. Then we need a democratic force like him to follow.

“Understanding the difference”

Many young boys in the youth organization headed by President Les Jean-Avec Macron came to Paris from different regions of the country to gather. Some come from northern France, some from the Loire Valley, and some from Orleans. Now they will celebrate.

– Now we are waiting for our new boss or the new old one. Then we’ll dance, drink and sing, says Florian Galmish, when Emmanuel Macron was still on his way to the election vigil.

Young Macron. Florian Galmiche is located next to the far right of the image. He met his friends through politics.

Photo: Martin Mederyd Hårdh / TT

Galmish wasn’t entirely calm this morning, bearing in mind the polls of recent weeks. But it was also not surprising that the margin of victory was greater than expected.

The French still understand the difference between these two politicians, says Florian.

danish dance

Four Danes dance until the pebbles get dizzy for a while after the election results were announced. They are members of the liberal Danish party Radical Finster and have gone to Paris to support Macron’s camp. In this way, they were able to visit the headquarters of Macron’s En Marches party over the weekend.

– We weren’t too worried, but a little. Julie Ruby, who is from Odense, says they didn’t want to take anything for granted.

Danish support for Emmanuel Macron. Julie Ruby is at the far right in the photo.

Photo: Martin Mederyd Hårdh / TT

She hopes that Macron will have more opportunities to implement his policy in the next five years, with fewer world-changing events in between. For Denmark and the rest of Europe, this was the best result by far, says Julie Ruby:

It is crucial for Denmark to have a pro-European president in France, not least when Merkel is not left in Germany. So it is good to have an experienced leader at the EU level.

Le Pen scared him

Thibaut Doguet also wants to stress the management of Emmanuel Macron’s crisis. He works in the healthcare field and during the pandemic period he got a salary increase.

– He was our boss through all these crises.

One of Le Pen’s Marines in power scared him. He describes it as “racist and homophobic” that manipulates and frightens people.

– Then I wouldn’t know myself in this country anymore, he says.

Devin Kinsica, a friend of Thibaut Duguet, voted for left-wing leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round, but cast her second vote for Macron, then was persuaded to follow a vigil for Macron. Now she can join in and celebrate.

Martin Merid Hardh / TT

Thibaut Dujee and Devini Kinzica.

Photo: Martin Mederyd Hårdh / TT

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