The district of Jönköping County entered reinforcement mode on November 13, 2020. And now the district has decided to reduce emergency preparedness to personnel status. The background is that the number of COVID-19 cases has stabilized at a lower level than before.

But Mats Bogestij, director of health and medical care in Jönköping district, stresses, however, that this does not mean the danger is over.

In our care departments, we currently have a lower standard than before, and the staff there are no longer working in crisis situations. Unfortunately, the number of people receiving care at IVA hasn’t decreased much and staff are still working in crisis situations there, he says in a press release.

The regional private healthcare department will continue to monitor inpatient measurements for coronavirus, places of care, materials and staffing. If the situation worsens, it may be necessary to reassess the health care emergency.

According to the latest information, 52 patients with covid-19 are currently being taken care of in district hospitals, of whom 15 are in intensive care.

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