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Johnson in 'Partygate': A sincere apology

Johnson in ‘Partygate’: A sincere apology

But at the same time, the British Prime Minister stated that he was not aware that he was breaking any rules, nor did he deliberately mislead Parliament.

Johnson said it hadn’t occurred to him that the gathering in question was a party.

– It’s my fault and I apologize unconditionally.

He added that the people “have the right to expect better from their prime minister.”

“I know he’s dishonest.”

The appearance in Parliament was Johnson’s first since police fined him £50 on April 12 for a celebration.

The opposition accuses Boris Johnson of lying to Parliament when he earlier claimed that no rules had been broken.

Labor leader Keir Starmer now calls Johnson’s apology a “joke”.

He knows that he is dishonest and incapable of change. He takes everyone with him, Starmer said, and was reprimanded by the President that no other Member of Parliament should be accused of lying.

The debate is on Thursday

Parliament will debate on Thursday whether Johnson misled the House of Representatives by denying in December that he broke the rules.

When asked directly whether he had intended to mislead Parliament, the Prime Minister replied: “No.”

The so-called “Party Gate” has received demands to resign from the opposition, which also accuses Johnson of using the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “shield” to retain his post.

Deliberately misleading Parliament violates the politicians’ code of conduct and is reason enough to announce his resignation.