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Finland takes a new step in the NATO operation

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) when she recently received her fellow Finnish party colleague, Sanna Marin, in Stockholm.  photo gallery
Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) when she recently received her fellow Finnish party colleague, Sanna Marin, in Stockholm. photo gallery

Finland is now taking the next step towards possible NATO membership. Today’s debate in Helsinki is the beginning of the Swedish parliament’s consideration of the government’s security policy report. Finland may end up joining NATO.

Just before Easter, the Finnish government presented its report on the new security situation in the wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. It did not contain a recommendation that Finland apply to NATO, but the report did mention several advantages of membership.

Among other things, the Finnish government estimates that stability in the Baltic Sea region will increase in the long run if Finland and Sweden join NATO. But during the application process itself, tensions can increase.

People have turned

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, popular support for NATO membership in Finland has increased, according to opinion polls. There is also a rapid shift between politicians and parties that previously opposed or hesitated about NATO.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SocDem) said at a press conference with Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (SocDem) on Wednesday that a decision on Finland’s possible NATO membership will be made in the coming weeks.

The Center Party, one of the ruling parties, really swung, and so did the real Finns. The feet of many prominent environmental politicians have also changed.

In the Social Democrats, the internal debate continues and even there is a more positive tone than before. A further convening party council will decide whether or not to accept NATO, which is expected to take place as early as the first half of May.

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Alliance party is already the equivalent of moderatesThe Swedish People’s Party for Finland to join NATO.

fast operation

When the Swedish parliament in Helsinki begins its debate on Wednesday at around 13.15 Swedish time, it will be the start of a comprehensive but fast process. The government report will be considered by various committees and when it is ready the report will be approved in Parliament.

However, the government and the president do not have to wait for the entire parliamentary process to be completed, they can whenever they want to make a decision on a request. But in order for it to make sense to act faster, there would have to be a clear majority in the Swedish parliament, as the issue would eventually go back there to make the decision, should Finland decide to join NATO.