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Johann Hagalius: Great Britain will soon become another country

Johann Hagalius: Great Britain will soon become another country

Elizabeth II has been diagnosed with Govt. She has at least three doses of vaccine in her body, so it would be nice, but by the time she turns 96 in April, you will always live in the Sox-Koperk-Gotha family. It really ends there, even for them.

The same thing happened with Nelson Mandela when Elizabeth was old, when it happened to South Africa. Some people have that power: a kind of harmonious conscience. They do not need any formal authority – Mandela lived almost 15 years after stepping down as president – but they still wield a proportionate influence over their own people. When they disappear, a vacuum arises and often, that vacuum is filled with things that have been helpfully blocked until then: corruption, cynicism, shamelessness. Without a pair of surveillance eyes, the bastard is free to retreat.

Very few are lucky enough to live In an era of those kind of decent people, we tried to turn power into institutions and ceremonies. The traditional respect for the American president is an example of this. That’s why when Donald Trump moved into the White House, whatever he thought about his policies, when he acted like an idiot, it cost a lot. If the president throws embarrassment on Twitter, it legitimizes our bad pages and the bad people among us. It will be the lord of the flies of all. The bad guys become the leaders of the flock.

And the Swedish royal family last week felt compelled to deny rumors that the crown princess and Prince Daniel were divorced, contrary to all previous policies. It was said that this was done to save the family, but it is clear that there was some idea that divorce would harm the monarchy as an institution. This is an interesting discussion because it is not explicit. While divorces were still uncommon, it would have been a moral issue for the divorced heir to the throne. But now?

The community would not have experienced any immoral extravagance or contagion of broken promises as a result of the divorce in the royal family; Despite the doomsday moods it is depressingly unusual in the immoral orgies of our time. But that does not mean that royal houses have lost their importance. The best example of this is Elizabeth II.

This is noticeable among the British people It was no news when Queen Govt was afflicted with the disease. Trembling and horror are strong words, but it is not entirely unreasonable when the English are compelled to confront it, and it is time, soon after all, to choose finished mourning plans. They are called “London Bridge”, probably after the children’s song: “London Bridge Falls, My Fair Lady”.

She can deal with this too. But Britain will soon become another country.

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