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Johan Carpenlow's harsh critique of the game schedule in WC 2022

Johan Carpenlow’s harsh critique of the game schedule in WC 2022

Tre Kronor suffered their first defeat of the World Cup in Tampere on Saturday when the USA were able to capture extra points in extra time.

As the match ended 2-3, Sweden lost the opportunity to secure its place as team captain.

National team captain Johann Karpenlov was not disappointed after the odd goal defeat against the Americans, but he was very critical of how the International Ice Hockey Federation and the organizers set up the game schedule.

Tre Kronor has played in the first five games since last weekend and three “back-to-back matches” during the team game, i.e. two matches in two days.

– The game schedule is a disaster. This is the second World Cup match in a row where we play three “Back to Back”. This is for us and the United Kingdom, says Karpenlov.

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Still tops the group

Despite the tight schedule, Tre Kronor has taken four of five wins in the team game.

– We can win matches anyway, we have shown it. But it’s very strange to be like this at the World Cup, says the national team captain.

According to Johann Karpenlov, the national team raised the issue with the World Cup organizers, but was not heard.

– We have raised the issue. The answer we get is that it is subject to rules.

The captain of the Swedish national team has resigned.

– It’s up to me to decide. Again: I think this is a disaster.

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