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Azet's 7,000 employees support UN World Day with Azet's Plastic Pick-up Day

Azet’s 7,000 employees support UN World Day with Azet’s Plastic Pick-up Day

Azets and Plastic Oceans begin to collaborate to reduce and avoid plastic pollution by launching Europe’s first European “Azets Plastic Pick-up Day”, while celebrating UN World Day on June 8.

Azets Plastic Pick-Up Day was launched by Azets charity Azets 4 Kids and the international non-profit organization Plastic Oceans Europe. Through Azet’s Plastic Pick-up Day, Azet’s 7,000 employees across Europe will help eliminate the immediate aftermath of plastic pollution on UN World Day, June 8, 2022.

Azets Plastic Pick-up Day is Azets 4Kids’ first group-level program with more than 165 offices in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Romania and Sweden.

Plastic Oceans is an international non-profit organization focused on stopping plastic pollution and promoting sustainable communities around the world. Plastic Oceans works to promote change in consumer behavior, business practices, and politics through programs in education, activity, concept formation, and science.

Plastic Oceans Europe Azets Azets 4 Kids help organize the plastic pick-up day and provide valuable insights on plastic pollution and tips on how to make Azets a sustainable business.

Azet’s Plastic Pick-up Day marks United Nations World Day on June 8, 2022 this year.

Highlights the theme of “Revival: Collective Action for the Ocean”. Of the 380 million tons of plastic produced in the world each year, reports show that up to 50% is for single use.

It is estimated that more than 10 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans each year, causing severe long-term effects on marine wildlife and the environment.

Chris Horne, CEO of Azets, says: “This group-wide project that brings together all of our 7,000 employees, their families and friends to raise awareness about plastic pollution Рpioneering many Рthrough our Azets Foundation 4 children, in combating the catastrophic effects of climate change and environmental degradation We focus on helping young people across Europe build a positive future.

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With the launch of our partnership with Plastic Oceans and Azet’s Plastic Pick-up Day, we hope to highlight the importance of maritime safety and sustainable consumption, while at the same time taking proactive steps to become a more sustainable business.

Andrea Torres Chaw, Regional Director of Plastic Oceans in Europe, says: “We are pleased to partner with Azets 4 Kids to launch the first annual Azets Plastic Pick-Up Day. Education is one of our cornerstones and we are excited to share it with Azets because We hope to sow the seeds of world change by educating future generations.