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Jim Jordan halts his efforts to become Speaker of the US Congress

Jim Jordan halts his efforts to become Speaker of the US Congress

The speaker chaos in the United States may now have a temporary solution. After two opinion polls, it became clear that Republican Jim Jordan does not have enough support in his party to be elected President of Congress. He will not seek a third vote, but instead supports a plan to give the interim president, Republican Patrick McHenry, an extended term, the Washington Post wrote.

White House business came to a halt after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted out. A new president must be elected so Congress can make important decisions, but Republicans have been unable to agree on a nominee.

If Congress now goes ahead with expanding the powers of the interim president, it does not necessarily mean that Jim Jordan has given up the speakership entirely. He retains his candidacy, and can at any time request a new vote for the position of Speaker of Parliament.

Jim Jordan has the support of former President Donald Trump, but was stopped in the vote by more moderate Republicans.

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