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It is uncertain whether the National Party will gain a majority in Scotland

It is uncertain whether the National Party will gain a majority in Scotland

Nicolas Sturgeon’s nationalist party is set to win after Thursday’s election, but it is far from certain whether it will secure a majority. The Scottish National Party has won 39 of the 48 seats to date in the 129-seat Scottish Parliament.

John Curtis, BBC election expert, professor of political science, Writes Saturday morning That there is a chance but it is unlikely that the SNP will manage the majority.

Sturgeon, which was Prime Minister In Scotland since 2014, it has said it will push for a second referendum on independence from Britain, with the majority of the Scottish National Party.

– If the result of these elections, I promise you to go back and guide us through the virus crisis, she said, according to Reuters.

And then, when the time is right, I will offer this country a choice for a better future.

According to Scottish Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney, the SNP doesn’t have to have its own majority to work for the referendum, but that is enough to get it with the support of the Greens.

“I am sure there will be a majority in the Scottish Parliament committed to holding a referendum on the future of Scotland,” he said. BBC.

When Scotland voted On independence in 2014, 55% said no.

Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson has firmly rejected the idea of ​​holding a second referendum in Scotland.

– The referendum in this case will be irresponsible and indifferent, he says The Daily Telegraph.

– The vote counting process is underway, and we will see how it goes. I follow the Scottish elections closely.

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Johnson does the assessment That the Scottish National Party had begun to abandon the idea of ​​a referendum.

– This is not the time for more constitutional battles and talk of tearing our country apart. What people want is for us to build our economy and advance together.

On Thursday, a number of regional and local elections were held in the United Kingdom. In addition, by-elections were held in Hartlepool in northern England to replace the Member of Parliament in London. This spot has hit the Conservative Party candidate, a symbolically significant victory because the circle has been red since its formation.

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