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It is shameful that P4 Sjuhärad is re-spreading far-right rumors about Nadim Ghazala – Action

It is shameful that P4 Sjuhärad is re-spreading far-right rumors about Nadim Ghazala – Action

comment. When P4 Sjuhärad reported yesterday that policeman, writer and summer speaker Nedim Ghazala should have gotten away with it after driving at more than 30 kilometers per hour on highway 70 in Borås, I had to look for the source.

It turns out that SD-linked website Samnytt was the one behind the speed news.

The article is simply one hell of a ride and yet so unsatisfying. Somehow, Samnytt manages to keep up all the way from the speedometer to cruise control, to the police station on Boras and into the mental world of the entire police force.

It’s a very thin soup though.

As is often the case with this news, it becomes more confusing the more you try to digest it. What Samhällsnytt has is an alleged “police source”. This appears to contain not only information about a possible crime that may have been committed, but also opinions about how popular Gazala is within the Borås police.

It is claimed that “as far as I know there is no one at the police station who likes him.”

I’m told that someone might also think he’s not a real police officer. OK.

The police are afraid of Morgan Johansson

It is also said that the police feared Morgan Johansson and therefore did not dare to report speeding. If so, then the Commission, in all honesty, has much bigger problems than corruption.

Ghazala’s alleged bribery attempt – which has never been proven by anything – was remarkable.

It’s funny that there is one News from 2021 Where a policeman was punished after getting a cake from an acquaintance who was arrested for speeding – also in Vastra Götaland. Perhaps this is a Western Swedish standard like Patrik Sjöberg or Leif “Lockett” Olsson, but it seems rather unlikely.

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Instead, it seems a bit contrived. But I don’t know.

From what can be seen the Chief of Police acted quite correctly and filed a report based on a rumor of misconduct – the prosecutor followed up on this, but as no further information was available the case was closed.

The report you are presenting could of course apply to Ghazala, even if his name was not included in the reading parts – but in this case it is not him, but the policeman who allegedly let him go at the speed check who has been reported for misconduct.

Cake does not appear to be a factor anywhere in the registry file.

Ghazala’s voice must be undermined

Ghazala is one of all those whose credibility will be undermined and whose voices will be silenced by the alt-right media sphere.

After the policeman’s summer speech in 2021, he had to receive a huge wave of hate from the far-right movement. He finally had to leave the brown digital anus that we then called Twitter.

It all follows a pattern we’ve seen in recent years, and is part of the work within the small media sphere of Swedish Democrat Kent Ekeroth. With a journalistic idea that seems intended to harass progressive and anti-racist voices and make it a little hell.

But this is therefore not immediately satisfactory news. The reader is left with a lot of claims but very few facts.

Was the deer driving too fast?

Was Nadim Ghazala driving the car too fast? maybe. Did his colleagues let him leave? There is no evidence. Was cake served? It seems unbelievable. Are police officers afraid of Morgan Johansson? We hope not. Do other policemen like Ghazala? No idea what this has to do with anything at all in context.

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But what is quite clear is that the person Samnit spoke to, and it was not clear who he was, is not very impressed with Gazelle. This specific information in this post is probably not new news either.

But the new news is that P4 Sjuhärad picked up the Samnit article without any criticism and also referred several times to the publication – which left the journalism ethics system this year – as its sole source.

This is actually unique. ‘Dark news’ where it’s not clear what actually happened, with the Opinion Formation Bulletin – run by Kent Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats – making what appears to be an obvious so-called dirty post about a police officer they see as a ‘dark news’ political enemy.

The Samnite was not flown

The statement might not have flown at all had he remained in Samnite. Few outside the country’s far-right chorus take the mud site seriously.

Instead, they manage to get “news” legitimized by the public service – with cake and all – making himself a useful idiot for the far-right sphere.

It is frankly shameful from Radio Sweden.