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“‘Abyss’ is good – but it follows the mold too much.”

“‘Abyss’ is good – but it follows the mold too much.”

The current bio-disaster film “Avgrunden” with Tova Novotny in the lead role contains too much relationship drama and too little disaster, says DN reviewer Frederik Sahlen.

GP’s Mats Johnson agrees. Set in and around Kiruna and an iron ore mine, the Crazy Pictures production gets off to a fast and efficient start. But he believes it takes a long time before tension actually arises.

“There are a lot of tangled family relationships that need to be resolved before we get to experience this.”

Aftonbladet’s Jens Petersson was somewhat impressed with the film, which follows the Hollywood model of disaster films “for better or worse”. He believes the fact that it is earthquakes as a result of mining is a good and credible starting point.

However, Peterson shares the view that once disaster strikes, too much revolves around a few people, and that’s what he sees as the bad thing about the Hollywood supermodel. In this way, he writes, small things have more space than tragedies.

“Here, at the end, Kiruna becomes the backdrop to an increasingly ridiculous family drama.”

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