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Isaac Dunbar – American High School

Isaac Dunbar – American High School

Isaac Dunbarthe uncrowned knight of Generation Z, returned with the single American Supreme. A pop song redolent of the 70s, it feels as if Dunbar has taken another step closer to another current Gen Z artist, Conan Gray.

The song itself is about American party culture, filled with a lot of sarcasm. Isaac himself sees the song as a continuation of his previous song Miss AmericaBut now she has grown up, started college and lives in the student union house.

American Supreme Written by the artist with Hilda Steinmalm And Jackson Shankswho also produced the song.

It's a great song anyway, with Dunbar giving us witty lyrics and a really delicious orchestration. I'm very weak for this style, when contemporary pop meets classic 70s pop. After all, Dunbar is definitely an artist who outdoes himself in every way and always feels like an exciting artist to follow. American Supreme It is one song out of many that you discover here on the blog, so if you like the song, you should definitely bookmark the blog so you don't forget to visit it regularly, and if you are one of those people who follow the pages via RSS reader, it is also a great way to follow the blog .

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