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Is Stockholm worth it?

Is Stockholm worth it?

The PP Stockholm, a ferry in Great Britain, is the far-right’s wet dream of never letting migrants cross the country’s borders.

The far right in Europe has had a nightmare for some time. The basis of the dream is that migrants should not be allowed to disembark. Those who cross the ocean never come.

But not in a very cruel way, rather the refugees should be placed somewhere else, far away.

It all started in Australia. An island nation surrounded by many islands was the perfect geographic setting for the birth of the dream of the far right. Instead of refugee boats making their way to port, migrants seeking asylum leave Australia and slowly but surely establish themselves on another island, where they are huddled together in camps and seek asylum, with little chance of getting it. .

This is called a futile prison

It is cheaper and less emotionally messy than deporting migrants from the mainland.

Because it’s not entirely easy to deport someone with strong ties to the mainland, even if their case is properly heard and asylum is not granted. It stirs emotions, and often makes migration policy seem inhumane. It threatens the entire worldview of the far right.

So the Australian model, we don’t necessarily see those on the other side of the wall of our national prosperity. Then, on official channels, they can pretend to care if refugee boats sink at sea. Say it doesn’t have to be that way if refugees only come through legal channels (which are often not available). So it can be said that hosting refugees domestically is very expensive and hosting refugees in other, cheaper countries would save a lot of money.

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Crazy idea of ​​refugee centers in Rwanda reaches British debate Why can’t you just take all the asylum seekers, wait for it…send them to Rwanda? There they can live, those not granted British asylum will be resettled, and those granted asylum will be allowed to stay in Rwanda. If someone complains, you can play into the trope of the spoiled refugee who doesn’t need real protection, but wants to take advantage of some sort of imaginary British hospitality. The plan was illegal and they didn’t actually get Rwanda, oddly enough.

Now they have decided to use the BB Stockholm, a large yacht chartered by BB Lines, instead. A large prison boat lies adrift on the British coast. It was meant to act as a deterrent to fugitives, was unusable, was called a prison and had such ill effects that immigrants could no longer live there. It’s a kind of inhumane end to the far-right’s dream that migrants never reach the mainland.

I am troubled by this name and do not want Stockholm to be marred by this misfortune. But SD dreams of asylum checks and detention outside Sweden’s borders. Maybe Stockholm got what it deserved.