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Introducing the requirement of notification for the construction and use of cooling towers

Introducing the requirement of notification for the construction and use of cooling towers

The new regulations were introduced at the beginning of 2024, which means that according to the transitional regulations, it is now time for businesses and companies to submit notifications for cooling towers to the Department of the Environment.

If the cooling tower begins operation after February 1 of this year, the cooling tower must be notified to the Department of the Environment by August 1 at the latest.

What are cooling towers?

A cooling tower is a device used to remove excess heat from the cooling process. Cooling is accomplished by adding water to the air flow in a way that causes aerosols to form. Cooling towers are used, among other things, in air conditioning and in various industrial processes.

Cooling towers can spread Legionella bacteria

Cooling towers that are not properly maintained can pose a risk of spreading Legionnaires' disease, Legionella. An outbreak from a cooling tower can affect a large number of people, which is one reason why notification is mandatory.

Legionella bacteria can cause serious pneumonia and the spread of infection must be prevented. The largest outbreaks, both in Sweden and internationally, have been caused by cooling towers used to cool the air in various businesses and facilities.

The duty of notification has been introduced so that municipalities know where cooling towers are located

With municipalities gaining knowledge of the locations of cooling towers, we are also in a better position to carry out preventive supervision and thus prevent the spread of infection. The notification obligation also means that it will be easier for municipalities to investigate cases and outbreaks of Legionella bacteria.

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Two application deadlines: August 1 and December 31, 2024

Depending on when the company or company plans and intends to start construction of a cooling tower, there are two notification dates that apply to the notification obligation under the transitional provisions in the new law.

If the company or company plans to operate a cooling tower after February 1, 2024, the notification obligation will apply no later than August 1, 2024. If construction or use of a cooling tower begins before February 1, 2024, the facility or company must notify the cooling tower no later than December 31, 2024.