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Intel's best reference cooler for "Alder Lake" comes with aluminum

Intel’s best reference cooler for “Alder Lake” comes with aluminum

Processor giant Intel is good at a lot and usually makes good products. However, the company has insisted over the years that it is the worst in the category of reference coolers, with the keywords being temperatures close to the upper limits of processors and high noise levels. Earlier in December, a photo surfaced showing a radiator where most of the flanges were made of plastic instead of aluminum.

► Alder Lake from Intel indicates cooler plastic than aluminum

The coolant in the Plastic Fantastic class is called the Laminar RM1, which will also be accompanied by a smaller version, the RS1, and a better version called the RH1. Now photos of the latter appear in the form of a show and there are two frequently delicacies constantly mr. It was a blurry camera on the go. This is observed in contrast to the RM1’s aluminum cooling fins, which, unlike plastic, have such a revolutionary thing as thermal conductivity properties.

The reference cooler in question has 40 cooling fins starting at the center, which can have a copper core with previous Intel coolers. Everything is cooled as usual by a fan and there is a built-in blue LED light. Judging from the pictures, two cables are pulled out of the radiator, one for regulating the fan and one for LED lighting.



It is only possible to speculate which processors the cooler will be sent with, but odds are low that it is at least bundled with the Core i9-12900 and Core i9-12900F at 65W TDP. Like the flagship, the duo has eight “Golden Cove” performance cores and eight “Gracemont” energy-efficient cores. It also cannot be excluded that the RH1 is bundled with Core i7-12700 and Core i7-12700F, which have the same TDP value of 65W but where the number of energy-saving cores is reduced to four.

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The question on everyone’s lips is how the aluminum radiator RH1 stands up to the plastic model RM1. This is a question that can be expected to be answered at the beginning of 2022, when the Core 12000 series without the suffix K sees the light of day.

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Which is more important to you about the radiator, LED lighting, plastic or aluminum?