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Indians take over Salesforce acquisition, open new offices

Indians take over Salesforce acquisition, open new offices

NoA’s Salesforce business isn’t the only one doing well during the pandemic. Floido, now owned by Infosys, increased its turnover to SEK 123 million after the Indians entered with their first profit in many years, which were red numbers for a long time before that. Huge profit 13.2 million SEK. At the end of 2020, the turnover was 88 million SEK with a loss of -4 million SEK.

All Swedish customers who chose to move to MACH, headless and recently separated, can be found in the daily updated headless section of Read it all here.

It is celebrated with new offices in Malmö, among other places. Since then, Fluido is also available in its home country, Finland, DenmarkAnd the Slovakia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Norway.

– We have been in southern Sweden for many years. Due to increasing customer demand and achieving strong growth, we are setting up another center in Malmö. A greater local presence will mean that we can better meet the needs of our customers and enable us to collaborate more locally and globally. It will also help us in recruiting us in the area.”

says Daniel Zetterberg, Country Director for Sweden. The future view from the group is about remote work, the way it works in the future, and the new Salesforce package with Slack as a driver. It is not known if any of the Swedish customers have accepted this particular offer yet. Slack still has something to prove in terms of the most plausible difference.

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