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Liz Truss for a right-of-kick attack

Liz Truss for a right-of-kick attack

After Boris Johnson was finally forced to throw in the towel as party leader and prime minister, current Secretary of State Liz Truss has emerged as the preferred candidate to succeed him.

In a presentation Monday, Truss promised “the biggest attack on labor unions and civil rights since the legalization of unions in 1871,” said Transportation Workers’ Union president Mick Lynch.

The move came before RMT announced new rail strikes on Wednesday, at Network Rail and 14 other train operators on the de-privatized railway.

Truss promises to be the government Led by the lady within the first 30 days, we will enact legislation to maintain a minimum service in critical infrastructure during strikes, which would undermine not only the strikes of railway workers, but also, for example, postal workers and workers of energy companies.

Thousands of Royal Mail workers have already voted to strike in a wage dispute, which could become Britain’s biggest strike this summer.

This is one of the parts Which Truss wants to change to make the strike more difficult, to require at least 50 percent of workers to vote in favor of the strike for it to be legal, instead of at least 40 percent as is the case today.

Truss also wants to increase the notice period, from two weeks today, to four, which would make it easier for employers to schedule employees as explainers for the strike, which became legal this week after a vote in Parliament.

In addition, Truss wants to present A “cooling off period” limits the number of times unions can strike during a six-month period.

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What Truss is proposing is to make active union activity illegal in the UK and to steal workers from a fundamental democratic right. If these proposals become a reality, Mick Lynch said in a statement to RMT, the entire trade union movement would mobilize the largest resistance since the 1926 general strike, and demand women’s suffrage and Chartists.