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Indian Double Mutation B.1.617 – Here we know

Indian Double Mutation B.1.617 – Here we know

The dual mutation of p.1617 is firmly entrenched in India – registering 259,170 new corona cases on Tuesday, the highest number ever.

During Wednesday Expresssen writes Infection is widespread in India, young IVA patients and bodies can be burned in large piles as cremation is very burdensome.

At least eleven cases of Indian duplication have been confirmed in Denmark – previously detected in both Norway and the United Kingdom.

What do we currently know about B.1.617 and how large is the risk of this variant spreading to Sweden?

Professor Tomas Bergstrom. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / TT

What is double mutation?

Message24 Contacted Tomas Bergstrom, Professor of Medical Microbiology to answer our questions. He started by sorting out the concept of double mutation.

– It is formed when two amino acids are converted into the same protein. Mutations in viruses are completely normal and double mutations are nothing new under the sun. But when a virus does not change often, Bergstrம்m says, each mutation becomes important in some way.

What are the characteristics of mutation?

B.1.617 is thought to spread the infection faster than the original corona virus. Despite safety, there have been reports that people with antibodies may be infected with the Indian double mutation.

But none of this has been confirmed – and according to Bergstrom, there is other information that is very interesting to find.

– It is important to find out what the effectiveness of vaccine protection is. I mean, do our vaccines protect against this variation? This is what Bergstrom tells Nyheter 24.

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Can this be spread to Sweden?

Sweden does not need additional virus types to take into account the heavily burdened health sector. Bergstrom comes with a reassuring message – we can leave it at that.

– There is no great danger that it will settle with us now. We are aware of this South African variant, and it seems difficult for a new variant to establish itself now, Bergstrom tells Nyheter 24 and continues that the so-called British variant is spreading successfully:

– In the fall, I don’t think it will be appropriate until that variant causes big problems.

Photo: Rajanish Kakade / D.T.
Photo: Thar Yasin / D.T.

Why are our neighbors affected, but not us?

The fact that this variant is rooted in Norway and Denmark may be due to the fact that they do not have the widespread spread of the British mutation as Sweden has seen so far.

Despite successful vaccination missions, Bergstrom finds it very difficult to understand why double mutation has a place in the UK.

Should one worry?

Is there reason to be more concerned about B.1.617 than the rest, already known, variations and mutations?

– What happened is the worst thing imaginable, i.e. a new and dangerous corona virus has spread around the world. It changes, and it has to do so. Other than the vaccine effect, I don’t care about that, Bergstrom tells Nyheter 24.

He is also confident that we can handle the task well if it is appropriate to update the vaccine to achieve full effectiveness against mutations such as Indian.