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Independent religious schools should be allowed to exist in Sweden

This is the facts of an employee of the editorial office. Bleaking Lance Tiding’s political etiquette is independently liberal.

Focus on imparting knowledge and legal requirements, not on religious elements besides teaching.

Focus on imparting knowledge and legal requirements, not on religious elements besides teaching.Pictured: Steve Helber

The liberals now want to see one A “total ban” on independent religious schools. Not a pause to start new schools, but the suggestion that all caste-based charter schools should be forced to close. However, not the Jews, because Jews are one of Sweden’s five national minorities (the others are Gypsies, Sami, Finn-Swedes, and Tornadals and therefore have nothing to do with religion). that’s excellent hylskolan In Stockholm it can be exempted through this special legislation meaning many liberal parties can breathe a sigh of relief – to fight anti-Semitism lies in the party’s DNA.

But the result is still unsuccessful. It is sometimes said that liberalism means division. In this case, it really matters.

The liberals want it Be clear and strict about the integration issue. This is why they do not want Islamic schools, because people who live in a state of exclusion often choose them. Additionally, there are examples of both frightening Islamism and poor quality among these charter schools. But L doesn’t say that outright because it would be too sensitive. So Christian schools that maintain good quality and also follow school law should be closed.

At the same time, the party tries to make a limited practical problem a matter of principle by claiming that the school should be free of religion and ideology. But the Swedish school is not entirely neutral and objective. There is everything from core values ​​to teachers with strong political values ​​that shine through in the teaching. And it must be perfectly fine to sing Her Peak Coming (a hymn) at the end of school and at Easter and Christmas (religious holidays).

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Even if Lam wanted to nationalize The whole Swedish school and the ban on independent religious schools Now, not all educational activities can be done in exactly the same way. It is also undesirable. People are different, they have different preferences and there are different circumstances in different places. This is why diversity and freedom of choice in the school system are so important. Let a thousand flowers bloom – as long as they follow the law, the curriculum, and other governing documents which must of course apply to all.

Some may not like Waldorf pedagogy or Montessori – or Christianity or Islam. Then they don’t have to choose a school with that focus. But others might appreciate these elements and why would they go so far as to prevent them?

“In addition to giving children as many skills and good life opportunities as possible, pluralism is a central value for liberals. Not to mold everyone into the same shape.”

Sophia Nierbrand

Liberals are following their new extreme on independent religious schools french tradition. In France, all public activities must be secular and religious clothing and symbols must not appear. But in Sweden we have private private schools even if they are financed with tax money. What is owned and operated by individuals should not be regulated in detail by politicians and officials. Morning prayers outside of normal teaching times should be fine.

in USA, Norway and Finland It goes well with homeschooling. The starting point there is that the state does not have a monopoly on values ​​and that parents have a legitimate say in the game.

Next to To provide children with as many skills and good life opportunities as possible, pluralism is essential for liberals. Not everyone is shaped into the same shape. Liberals can certainly praise and try to strengthen the secular Swedish middle class, but one has to accept that people live and think differently. Find a good balance.

It may be a good purpose to try to solve problems in some Islamic schools. But a complete ban on all religious schools does not mean respect for basic liberal values ​​such as freedom, freedom of choice and diversity. It is enough to remove certain schools that do not meet the legal requirements – and at the same time confirm which charter schools you may not choose for your children for religious reasons.