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All Movements Matter – Five Suggestions to Promote Long-Term Physical Activity

Physical activity is multi-sectoral and must be included in a number of processes, in many areas and in different activities, and promotional work must be linked to a more visible infrastructure.

The committee makes five proposals:

  1. A strengthened structure for working with physical activity at the state, regional and local levels and between themThe infrastructure for coordination, dissemination of knowledge, follow-up and analysis between the national, regional and local levels should be reviewed and the support structure for public health work strengthened with a focus on physical activity at the regional and local levels.
  2. Expanded mission of the Swedish Public Health Agency: The public health authority should be tasked with developing a long-term structure that includes goals, sub-goals, indicators and proposals for areas of action to promote physical activity, consistent with the mission of sustainable and healthy food consumption.
  3. Explanatory message about the daily movement in the curricula: A constitutional amendment should be made according to the proposal of the National Education Agency. The statement that “students should be given the opportunity and encouraged to participate in health-promoting physical activities during the school day” reinforces students’ right to equal health.
  4. Defining rights to improved and more equal external environments for children: The National Housing, Building and Planning Council’s request for the right to designate free spaces for play and outdoor activities in recreation centers, schools, nurseries and other similar activities should be approved.
  5. An extended mission of the Swedish Agency for Knowing the Work Environment: The Swedish Work Environment Authority should be given an expanded mandate to strengthen opportunities to apply knowledge about work environment and health factors in working life, such as promoting increased physical activity adapted to different industries.
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