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Incredible wheel clap – red Koenigsegg Santa car

Incredible wheel clap – red Koenigsegg Santa car

Talk about an unbeatable wheel blast! The first Koenigsegg Jesko delivered to the UK was a beautiful red hot supercar. A cold car start should be the loudest chant of the year.
-Scarily cool, says Mr. JWW.

Imagine having a bright red Koenigsegg delivered just in time for Christmas! A dream come true for the buyer of a Koenigsegg Jesko delivered by Koenigsegg London. The car will also be the first Jesko in Great Britain. But the car was actually intended for Seoul, South Korea. The car was already ordered in 2021, but unfortunately new rules in the country are halting deliveries.

South Korea now requires all cars to be equipped with AEBS, something Jesko does not have. So, it is not currently possible to register the supercar there. But someone else was happy when the car was cancelled. The Jeskon has been redirected to Koenigsegg in London and is now being showcased by YouTuber Mr. JWW who is the brand’s new dealer in the country.

The car’s specifications are really suitable for Christmas. The exterior is painted a hot red color, which we call Santa Red, and the interior is snow and anthracite. Under the hood in the middle of the car is a 1,280-horsepower V8 engine mated to a super-fast 9-speed Light Speed ​​transmission. The car does have an upgrade that increases power to 1,600 hp over E85.

The car key has its own separate chapter and is hidden in a carbon fiber cylinder. Unlike Pagani, which uses a Mercedes key, Koenigsegg has put enormous effort into the detail work. Koenigsegg supplies the key in a cylindrical container made of silver and carbon fibre. The brand’s coat of arms and Christian von Koenigsegg’s signature are engraved on the metal. The key case also has a special key holder, which, like an egg, can hold the key up. The key itself has the exact number of the car stamped on it, from one to 125. It is made in the same shape as the Koenigsegg logo shield and framed in carbon fibre. There are at least seven different keys.

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Just over 12 minutes into the movie, the car starts to cool down, and it’s a Christmas Carol you shouldn’t miss – Jesko doesn’t have a flywheel, so it spins like a supermotorcycle, completely crazy. I’ve never felt the throttle accelerate like that, it’s scary, what an amazing machine, says Mr JWW.

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