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The sequel to the donation scandal: This happened

The sequel to the donation scandal: This happened

Gerard “The Completionist” Khalil was charged earlier in December with charity fraud. behind these accusations Karl Jobstan investigative “journalist” in gaming-related circles (and quick runner of Goldeneye 007 And Perfect darkness). Jobst presents in collaboration with Disinfectant”Some regular playersEvidence of Gerard’s misrepresentation comes from advertising documents from IndieLand (Gerard’s annual indie games event) and the Khalil family’s charity, the Open Hand Foundation.

The amount in question is $600,000, which has not reached its goal in up to nine years (!). When the story hit the airwaves in early December, it was met mostly with defensive shouts from Girard’s fans and embarrassed silence from himself. This continued until Lucia, then one Video response In just over twenty minutes it was uploaded to his YouTube channel The Completionist. In the video, he admits to some accusations and retracts others.

Jobst and Mutahar presented their evidence to Gerrard himself ahead of his first YouTube video. That means there are now hours of audio and video material to review in a potential lawsuit, which both sides say they are ready to begin. The accused page encouraged its followers to report the Open Hand Foundation to the California Department of Justice. We will have to wait for the result. For his part, Khalil summoned the family lawyer and appears to be preparing a lawsuit.

The result so far is that the funds in question have now apparently been properly donated, but allegations of fraud and embezzlement remain relevant. The audience seemed to shift from fawning over to condemning Girard as the debate flowed. His wonderful role as “Gerard the Builder” in Sea of ​​starsone of the biggest games of the year, will be retroactively patched by the developers Sabotage studio.

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