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Important advice for cat owners – the spread of infection is increasing

Important advice for cat owners – the spread of infection is increasing

Important advice for cat owners – the spread of infection is increasing

Currently, infections in cats are increasingly common and can be transmitted to humans as well.

Spring and winter are a time when many cats like to get out and explore their surroundings.

But it's also a time when the prevalence of common infections tends to increase among cats in particular.

It is related to the intestinal bacteria Salmonella.

Recently, the District Administrative Board of Kronoberg has received more and more reports about infected cats, SR reports.

Similar reports have come from other parts of the country in recent weeks.

“Come suddenly”

In Kronoberg, seven reports have been received in recent weeks, but the number in the dark is believed to be high, the radio channel reported.

Earlier during the spring and winter, there were similar alerts from the province of Västernorrland, among other regions.

– Veterinarian Victoria Bümler told SVT regarding this warning: – This winter came very suddenly and in many cases.

She added: – The number of cats infected with salmonella in Västernorrland has increased, and I think it may be due to migratory birds that reside in this particular part of the country.

“Please keep your cat inside.”

The spread of salmonella among cats usually increases during the spring and winter.

Cats often become infected through contact with small birds and bird feeders.

The municipality of Falun also issued a warning about the increased risk of infection two weeks ago.

– Please keep your cat indoors for the next few weeks or make sure they cannot access bird tables or the like when outdoors, said Environment Inspector Eva-Karin Bergquist on the municipality's website.

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In many cases, cats can recover on their own.

But it may also happen that they need veterinary care.

Take care of your hand hygiene

Symptoms that cat owners should watch out for include decreased appetite as well as fever and diarrhea.

It is also worth knowing that cats can transmit the infection to humans.

Therefore, an important tip for cat owners is to be careful about hand hygiene.

You can, for example, use disposable gloves when grooming your cat, and wash your hands afterwards, to reduce your risk of infection.

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