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IKEA withdraws ad - then politicians angry: "perfect shame"

IKEA withdraws ad – then politicians angry: “perfect shame”

Recently launched GB News – IKEA faces opposition in the UK after the company withdrew its ad on a conservative TV channel, describing itself as “awake”. Cooperberg, the manufacturer of the ice cream, also chose to do this.

IKEA does not deliberately advertise in GB news. We have security systems in place to prevent our advertising from ending up on sites that are against our human values, writes the furniture chain Twitter.

That increase went to the roof of many popular profiles in the UK. At least not conservative British. Conservative MP Craig McKinley calls the moves by IKEA and Koperberg “absolutely unbelievable” and “crazy.”

I am currently compiling a list of beer and household items I have not purchased. All of this is a campaign against free speech, which we see everywhere in society today. We must resist. This is an absolute shame, he says Daily Mail.

He is backed by party colleague Andrew Percy.

This is completely anti-democratic and an attempt to silence alternative views. The UK has strict rules for the media, which is followed by GB News. If this is enough for controllers, it should be enough for advertisers as well.

“No surprise”

But there are also those who understand the companies’ preference not to advertise in GB news. Richard Wilson, CEO of Stop Funding Hate, said it was no surprise that companies were removing their ads from the TV channel. He says GB News aired “dangerous allegations about Govt-19” and questioned anti-racist stances. CNN.

He tells the news channel that it is not surprising that many famous companies choose to leave and refuse to look there.

In addition to IKEA and Koperberg, Nivea, Krolsch, Ovo Energy, Octopus Energy and The Open University have also withdrawn their ads.

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