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Hundreds of games in the Huawei App Store contained malware

Hundreds of games in the Huawei App Store contained malware

In recent years, the Chinese telephone and telecommunications giant Huawei has had serious concerns as a result of the trade embargo from the United States. Among other things, this resulted in the company not being allowed to use Google services and apps. This includes Android and its App Store, which is why Huawei developed its own App Gallery instead.

Now it seems that the App Gallery has been attacked by a large scale there 190 requests infected with malware. This is an Android Trojan horse “Android.Cynos.7.origin” that has been adapted to collect and transmit user data of a more sensitive nature. In total, the number of downloads of the applications together is estimated at 9.3 million times.

AppGallery’s built-in security system quickly identify potential risks within these applications. We are now actively working with affected developers to troubleshoot their apps. Once we make sure that all the apps are clear, they will be re-listed in the AppGallery so that consumers can download their favorite apps again and continue to enjoy them. Huawei spokesperson

The Trojan is basically hidden in many games, which during installation require access to location data and communication functions, among other things. If the user is granted access, data such as phone numbers, GPS coordinates, device data and many other parameters can be extracted and forwarded to external servers. In addition, Cynos Trojans in some cases can download programs and applications on their own initiative and send and receive SMS.

Infected apps detected by Doctor Web And since Huawei learned about it, it has removed all infected games and apps from the App Gallery. NS sleeping computer A Huawei spokesperson said they are working with developers to safely reintroduce it. However, users who downloaded any of the affected apps must manually delete it or reset the phone.

Have you ever encountered malware on your phone?

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