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Huge setback for Russia – satellite images reveal

Huge setback for Russia – satellite images reveal

Since then, Swedish researchers have warned against so-called ultra-processed foods.

This includes Valo sausages, soy burgers, potato chips and frozen pizza.

Studies show that ultra-processed foods can be addictive and harmful to health in various ways.

– You can't resist food, real 'cravings'. Having said that, all researchers agree that there is addiction-like behaviour, nutritional physiologist Christina Anderson told TV4.

Want to see warnings?

Ultra-processed foods are replacing healthy eating habits around the world, and within the research community, they want to see more effort made to raise awareness of this issue.

Carlos Montero, a professor of nutrition and public health, wants to see new warning labels placed on such foods, as is the case with tobacco products.

– It is displacing healthier and less processed foods worldwide and also deteriorating the quality of the diet due to its many harmful properties. Together, he told The Guardian, these foods are fueling an epidemic of obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

Limit marketing

At the same time, Monteiro wants to limit the marketing of such foods.

– Public health campaigns such as anti-tobacco ones are needed to reduce its risks. Such campaigns would include the health risks of consumption. Advertising of ultra-processed foods should also be prohibited or severely restricted, and warnings should be provided on the front of packaging similar to those used on cigarette packs.

Very processed

Ultra-processed foods are more processed than other foods and can come in different forms.

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Among other things, it can be sausages, falafel and soy burgers.

Ultra-processed foods also include products containing added fat and sugar, the Swedish Food Agency explains.

– For example potato chips, ice cream, sweets, chocolate and sweetened breakfast cereals. Processed meats such as sausages and roast meats are also considered highly processed meats.

Harmful to health

Connections have long been made between ultra-processed foods and various diseases.

– According to Nova, ultra-processed foods are foods that have been processed “a lot,” in a negative way, the authority continues.

– Processed foods may contain ingredients that are required during production to give the food special properties. Examples of these ingredients are additives.

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