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How to watch Traitors USA in the UK

How to watch Traitors USA in the UK

For US audiences, the first three episodes of The Traitors US season 2 will be released simultaneously on Peacock on January 12, while the remaining episodes will be downloaded on the platform every Thursday.

This means that, as with Season 1 of The Traitors US, viewers in the UK can expect to watch Season 2 of The Traitors US in full once it's released as a collection on iPlayer. This is because the BBC acquired The Traitors US from Peacock in the UK.

So, UK viewers will still be able to watch more of Believers and Traitors as they try to win the $250,000 (£206,000) jackpot. It may take a little longer.

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While the premise of the US version's second season remains the same, as three traitors are forced to kill loyal contestants in an attempt to claim the prize money for themselves, we get an all-star cast this time around instead of an assortment of celebrities and civilians.

However, the roundtables will continue where contestants will get the chance to vote to eliminate each other.

As before, if the faithful can successfully expel all traitors from the show during the roundtables, they will share the prize fund – but if at least one traitor survives in the final round, they will go home with the full amount. Prize pot.

If, like us, you can't get enough of the series and want more, read on for a guide to how to watch The Traitors US in the UK.

Can you watch The Traitors US in the UK?

Alan Cumming Presents Traitors (USA). BBC

The first season of The Traitors US was released on Thursday, January 12, Peacock DayNBCUniversal's streaming service.

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This was followed by the complete box set becoming available to viewers in the United Kingdom Friday 13 January via BBC iPlayer.

Episodes are also expected to be broadcast on BBC Three and BBC One.

Dan McGolpin, Director of iPlayer and Channels, said: “Following the huge success of The Traitors, which has been streamed more than 28 million times on BBC iPlayer and was the talk of the nation over the festive period, we are delighted to offer BBC viewers will have the opportunity to watch the new American series during Hours after its release in America.

“Hosted by the wonderful Alan Cumming and filmed on the same UK location as the series, it's a New Year's treat for those looking for more treason – all about to be revealed on BBC iPlayer, BBC Three and BBC One.”

For US audiences, the first three episodes of Season 2 of The Traitors US have also been released Thursday, January 12, Peacock Day. New episodes of the series will continue to drop every Thursday, and we can assume that after Season 2 wraps in March, we will get the full collection of Season 2's ten episodes on iPlayer.

What are traitors about?

Based on the Dutch series De Verraders, the show sees the contestants live in a castle in the Scottish Highlands in the hope of sharing the £120,000 prize fund for the UK series.

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However, there is a twist – among them are the “Traitors”, a group of contestants chosen by the host on the first day.

The contestants will have to work hard to convince others that they are “loyal.” Meanwhile, traitors will be able to kill (eliminate) one believer every night.

Round tables will be held every day, and all contestants will be able to vote for who they believe is the traitor. The person with the most votes will be kicked out of the game and it will be revealed whether he is actually loyal or traitorous.

If the Believers can successfully eliminate all the traitors at the Round Table, they will share the prize fund. However, if any traitors remain in the game in the final round, they will receive all the winnings.

Traitors USA trailer

The official trailer for The Traitors US Season 2 has been released.

You can watch it below:

All episodes of The Traitors US Season 1 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now. Episodes will also be broadcast on BBC One and BBC Three.

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