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How is the virus situation in Sweden itself?

How is the virus situation in Sweden itself?

Covid-19, influenza and winter sickness. What does the virus situation look like now? Photo: Axel_Kock/Shutterstock

beloved Winter time is virus time.

The number of Covid-19 cases increases again and then we get the flu, colds and winter sickness.

And what exactly is the mysterious virus outbreak that has struck China?

Here, Expressen science commentator Amina Manzoor answers the questions.

1. I have been suffering post-coronavirus for almost three years and have only now received help to see specialists in another area. So, until now, I have only received a medical certificate from my health center and have not had any examinations or additional assistance from the health care system in the Västra Götaland region. Why do you think (most) regions have not prioritized the post-Covid phase despite the large number of affected people, the significant impact both per capita and the significant tax revenue lost in the country?

Answer: I think the regions were preoccupied with the COVID-19 emergency, and healthcare was under extreme pressure. Additionally, unfortunately, post-COVID has been difficult to diagnose and has many different symptoms. But now the acute situation with Covid-19 has subsided, I hope there will be greater focus on the group with long-lasting and bothersome symptoms. Meanwhile, researchers are learning more about the disease, and progress is being made. Doctors told my colleague that care is better now, and here you can read their message.