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Den kvinnliga krigaren Mulan, klädd i mörkröd dräkt och med utsläppt svart hår.

How does a matte color film work – on TV? December 4, 2020 – Culture P1

A new version of Mulan direct on Disney +

More and more movies are being released directly on the streaming service without first showing in cinemas. P1 Kultur critics Emma Engstrom and Roger Wilson talk about what it means when more and more big movies can be watched at home. Recently, the news also came that the upcoming Warner Brothers films in 2021 will be shown live on HBO Max, as a result of the Corna pandemic. HBO Max will arrive in Europe in the fall of 2021

Behind the scenes in Hollywood

We’ve seen David Fincher’s new movie “Mank” on Netflix. The film revolves around screenwriter Hermann J. Mankevich, the man who is the second half of the brain behind the film that often ends up at the top when the best films in the world are chosen: Citizen Kane. The film was directed by 24-year-old prodigy Orson Welles which premiered in 1941. Film critic Martin Blomqvist and B1 Cultures Joachim Silverdale saw “Monk”.
“Mank” will be released on Netflix on December 4, 2020.

Life Organization in Afghanistan during the Soviet Union

Roger Wilson spoke with Shahrbanu Sadat, who directed the Afghan film The Orphanage. A story about some teenage boys who grow up in an orphanage with Russians on schedule, which takes place during the 1980s when the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan. The film is based on real entries from the diaries from that time.
The Orphanage can be streamed on TriArtPlay and will be released in cinemas in Week 50.

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Classic: The Parachute in Cherbourg

This week’s classic happens to be Roger Wilson’s number one favorite. The musical from 1964, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes the same year, is a passionate, colorful love drama between an umbrella saleswoman and an auto mechanic directed by Jacques Demme. He was also the husband of director Agnes Varda. The music was composed by Michel Legrand, but the actors in the film only imitated their singing lines. Lars Lönroth did a classic this week and it’s a repeat.
“Umbrellas in Cherbourg” can be streamed for free Until December 7.

Culture Tip of the Week: The 40th Edition (Netflix)

Emma Engstrom proposes the comedy “The 40-Year-Old Version” with a screenplay and direction by New York playwright Radha, who started her career as a rapper when her plays weren’t appreciated.
The “40-Year-Old Version” premiered on Netflix on October 9, 2020.

Host: Roger Wilson
Producer: Nina Assarang