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"He should thank Bottas for the win - it will be interesting to see how the stable intends to do it now" - Sport -

“He should thank Bottas for the win – it will be interesting to see how the stable intends to do it now” – Sport –

It was Lewis Hamilton who should have acted, says Frederick F Petersons. The question now is whether Valtteri Bottas boosted his stock when he put the team ahead of himself?

Was Max Verstappen the first to hit the curve? Or were they along with Lewis Hamilton?

The competition jury agreed that Red Bull of the Netherlands had the right to choose the font. Hamilton thinks Verstappen drove him.

Frederic F Petersens, Formula 1 expert at Yle Sport, feels compelled to agree with the stewards.

My opinion is that Lewis caused the collision. He got into the curve really, really fast and in the replay photos you can see he could have veered to the side more than he did, Petersen says.

– But of course you can discuss what Max does, too. He’s not the one who gives up either. I agree with Lewis when he said Max is aggressive. At the same time, one must remember that Louis was the same before, he continues.

In addition, many former drivers, such as David Coulthard and Mark Webber, see it clearly as Lewis’ fault.

“Totally overrated”

Verstappen had to break the race as a result of the collision. In addition, he was sent to the hospital for a medical examination. Verstappen had to leave hospital later on Sunday night.

But before he could do that, he had to accompany Hamilton to celebrate the victory with a big smile on his face on TV. It was something Verstappen himself calls “disrespectful and unsportsmanlike” – and Petersen also wrote it.

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– It was totally exaggerated. I saw how important the victory was to him, and I saw how comfortable he was. But I can also think it was a disrespect for Max.

-But being subjected to racist attacks on social media afterwards is totally wrong. It has nothing to do with this sport. For example, both Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost caused accidents while driving. F Petersons says he’s not alone in this.

Michael Schumacher, yes. Schumi was also known for being a bit tough when he felt challenged on the track and now F Petersen thinks one can draw more parallels between perhaps the two biggest branches of all time.

Most famously, Michael collided with Damon Hill in Australia in a way that forced them to collapse – which then led to his first World Cup title. There are many similarities between him and Lewis, says F Petersons.

Correct Punishment

What bothered Red Bull the most after the race was that Hamilton was only given a ten-second penalty. Petersen says he was still perfectly proportioned.

– Ten seconds is actually very difficult. His victory was an advantage entirely for Valtteri Botta. Lewis also said that after the race.

Valtteri was ordered to let Louis pass and did so without objection. Then Louis easily managed to catch up with Charles Leclerc.

In your opinion, what does this mean for Botta’s chances of gaining continued confidence in Mercedes?

– That makes it a little fun. How does Toto Wolff think now? He gave an order to Valtteri, took from him the opportunity to compete for victory, and he obeyed. Valtteri actually did a perfect race and did the right thing for the stable.

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– Lewis has already said he wants Valtteri to stay. He thinks he’s the best duo in Formula 1 right now. And they have nicknames to prove it.

The thing that ended in the shadow of the drama on Sunday was the fact that the F1 series at Silverstone used sprint races instead of traditional qualifying for the first time. F Petersons was already skeptical about the idea, and he wasn’t completely convinced now either.

– It’s getting boring, he concludes.

– I can agree that in theory it could be entertaining, but the race was pretty crazy. It calmed down after the first two sessions as no one wanted to take the risk. Cut it down to five laps to turn it into a fast sprint in the truest sense of the word.