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Hot New Year Record for Brits

Clean this season’s heat wave tire

It was a record hot New Year in the UK.
In central London, the weather was pristine spring: 16.3 degrees.

hot air from Azores Which has reached the British Isles in recent days is behind the unusual heat wave, the BBC writes.
The temperature is the highest ever recorded on New Year’s Day, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, and was measured in St. James’s Park in London.
The previous record was 15.6 and was set at Bude in Cornwall in 1916.
We have winds from the south and southwest that bring very hot air from the Azores, says Ben Rich, BBC meteorologist.
Temperatures on New Year’s Eve also hit a record high. In the west of England, in Merryfield in Somerset, the temperature was over 15.8 degrees.

New Years Day Show at Derby Pool, Wirral.

Traditional swimming in the derby pool in the Wirral on New Year’s Day.

Later, the Met Office reported a high temperature on New Year’s Eve. In Pala, Wales, 16.5 degrees were measured.

The previous record was 14.8 degrees plus and was measured at Colwyn Bay in Wales ten years ago.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, it is nine times more common for heat records to be set; A clear sign of global warming.

Saffron has erupted in London’s parks and many have seized the opportunity to take their first and last dive of the year in Wales.
Temperatures in other European cities were also similar to spring. The temperature in Paris, Amsterdam, Prague and Budapest was 13 degrees on New Year’s Day. In Rome, 15 degrees were measured on the first day of the year, according to Sky News.
Tomorrow the temperature will drop to United kingdom Again when the wind turns – and winter returns with frost and snow.

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