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Hospitals-Anika drinks her morning coffee in different places every day

Hospitals-Anika drinks her morning coffee in different places every day

She sold everything she owned and invested her life and money in a mobile home. Nowadays, Anika lives her life on four wheels. What a life!


Some think she’s crazy. But more people find it inspiring! Annika Elgeskog is the woman who, after a long life longing for freedom, decided to buy a mobile home and move there full time.

She and the dog Malenkii filled the entire Lilla Fina and headed towards southern Europe to meet the sun and be able to drink her morning coffee in new places every day. Sure, she faced adversity, but she never felt free.

In this warm book, Annika talks about her experiences. How do you live the life of an RV full time, how do you make a living and how do you leave the safe and comfortable life of a more brutal everyday life?

RV-Annika: As much freedom as possible on all four wheels is an inspiring book about maximizing the adventures in your life–for those who dream of RV life, but also for those who just want to try something new.

About the author:
Annika Elgeskog lives full time, all year round, in her mobile home, Lilla Fina, with her stray dog, Malenkii.

It was said about the book:
“It’s a very personal, inspiring, engaging, interesting book that alternates between the personal Considerations with concrete tips. Of course, it is suitable for those who dream about it themselves A mobile life, but also suitable for those who have other dreams and who want to be inspired to take risks. the The movie is, of course, about mobile homes and adventures in everyday life, but at least it’s about life in general.
Overall rating: 4. – Published in BTJ Brochure No. 16 of 2023.

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Book information:
Title: Annika’s Motorhome: As Much Freedom as Possible on Four Wheels
Author: Anika Aljskoog
Cover: Sana Sporong
Release date: 2023-09-06
ISBN: 9789177717393

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