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Horticulture is almost a luxury in the United Kingdom due to the Brexit and price-driven epidemic

Prefers British horticulture, but many of these plants come from nurseries in European countries with warmer climates.

“This rosemary is grown in Italy and comes from our Italian suppliers” – he tells us Boyd DouglasDavis, Director of the British Garden Centers at this Kent Nursery.

Horticultural retailers in the UK face a perfect storm of Brexit and epidemic

Boyd Douglas-Davis:

“We buy a lot of plants from Europe, especially from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from Italy and Germany. The plant has had a major impact on the import process. The management practices are enormous, and it also causes import costs and delays.”

Demand has now doubled or tripled due to the three million people who horticultured in the UK during the lockout, instead supply has fallen by 50% in the past year.

Luke Hanrahan, Kendall Euronews Reporter:

“This continent should be grown on the European continent because the climate in the UK is not so good. The Netherlands is coming, and now it costs 20% more to bring it in, which is causing chaos in the plantation centers.”

Each herb, flower, tree or bush has its own European passport. That passport is no longer valid in the UK

“Every plant must have a phytosanitary certificate before crossing the English Channel, which must go to the plant in the UK. In addition, we must now cover a plant register in which we must notify the authorities of everything we bring in from here before it reaches our shores” Boyd Douglas-Davis.

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Until the process of importing plants across the border is complete, British horticultural enthusiasts will have to accept the extra cost of loving their flowers.