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Hockey WC 2021 • This is how Sweden qualifies for the World Cup quarter-finals

Hockey WC 2021 • This is how Sweden qualifies for the World Cup quarter-finals

The blue and yellow World Cup trip, save for the apparent victory over Switzerland, was the last step.

If Tre Kronor’s chances of reaching the playoffs are difficult before the match against the Czech Republic, it is even more difficult after the loss on Thursday night.

After more than half of the group’s matches, Sweden is listed with three points, meaning the team is last in Group A with three matches remaining to play. Tre Kronor has yet to meet Great Britain, Slovakia and Russia in the group and, given the precarious table situation, will likely not require any wins in the remaining matches.

Something the players and captains of the national team were aware of after the defeat to the Czech Republic.

– Of course we’re under pressure. We have to win all the matches now to have a reasonable chance of progressing. We’ll do everything we can to try and move forward,” said Bar Lindholm.

Group One – Four teams advance

Russia 4m, 15-7, 9 points

2. Switzerland 4m, 14-10, 9 points

3. Slovakia 4 m 11-12 9 points

4. Czech Republic 4m, 12-13, 5 points

5. Denmark 4m, 7-9, 5 points

6. Great Britain 4m, 8-15, 4 points

7. Belarus 4m, 8-12, 4 points.

8. Sweden 4m, 12-9, 3 points

The 2012 World Cup format was revised into two groups with the top four teams qualifying for the playoffs. Since then, the national team has never reached the quarter-finals without coming together by at least ten points.

Sweden currently has seven points up that total.

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In addition to the meager points harvest, Tre Kronor’s result against Denmark, Belarus and the Czech Republic was a setback for the national team as cross-matches before goal difference are arranged in the context of the World Cup.

In addition, Blågult has the toughest match schedule remaining with the two matches against Russia and Slovakia, first and third in the group, who have played nine points each so far.

– We’re more stressed than before. Andreas Wingerley says it’s the knife in the throat now.

Russia, Switzerland and Slovakia have separated themselves from the other teams with nine points and are likely to be ready for play-off matches, but given how upside this World Cup is, it may not be ruled out that this tournament has seen its last. lively.

However, the odds don’t speak to Tre Kronor in this case, but below is a scenario that would involve a Swedish advance:

4. Sweden

Great Britain 3 p.m

Slovakia 3 AM

Russia 3 AM

Total: 12 points

5. Czech Republic

Great Britain 3 p.m

Denmark 3 AM

Slovakia 0 AM

Total: 11 points

6. Denmark

Belarus 2 AM

Slovakia 0 AM

Czech Republic 0 AM

Total: 7 p.m

7. Belarus

Denmark 1 p

Switzerland 0 AM

Russia 0 AM

Total: 5 p

8. United Kingdom

Sweden 0 AM

Czech Republic 0 AM

Switzerland 0 AM

Total: 4 p.m