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High pressure washes the entire city in Powerwash Simulator

High pressure washes the entire city in Powerwash Simulator

When you thought you saw it all, this weird emulator comes up and says hello.

There are simulation games that revolve around just about everything nowadays so maybe it’s only a matter of time before someone simulates a high pressure washer? Yes, in Steam Early Access Powerwash simulator You play a “hero” armed with slang, patience, and a bit of a fanatical sense of cleanliness – only the entire city has to be wiped out!

The trailer shows everything from dirty fronts to sunken cars and muddy stone stairs. And garden figurines, of course, a high-pressure washing simulator couldn’t be complete without garden dwarves to spray them.

As you do the laundry, of course, you’ll earn money, which you can invest in more tools and improvements. And these can be helpful, because over time it will also open up bigger and more complex tasks to take on. Who knows, there are hints for cleanup missions on other planets!

Powerwash simulator Available ute nu via Steam Early Access. The developers plan to leave the game in Early Access mode and take advantage of player feedback for about a year before the final release. Powerwash simulator He already has a career mode that he estimates offers around five hours of play. Reception among Steam users has been very positive so far.

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