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Empire of Sin's first wage expansion will be released later this year

Empire of Sin’s first wage expansion will be released later this year

Play as a villainous gang accountant, and hit the people who don’t pay their debts!

Sin empire“Comfortable” management around gang wars, executions, and the illicit wine trade, and Al Capone, as our reviewer called it, will receive its first expansion later this year. John and Brenda Romero sure hoped that Make it important It should elevate the popular but also criticized title to greater heights. The game was well patched after release – we can only hope that the same action is not required here.

“After all the work we have put into patching the game in the past few months, we are ready to explore new aspects of the game to give players more content to sink their teeth into. Make it Count, along with the Free Zone Update, brings players new ways to play, manage and win. While building their own sin empire! ”

In the expansion, we see a new mafia boss and accompanying tasks: We play as a gang accountant named Mayer Lansky, and we can, among other things, hire five new gangsters, play the role of a lender shark, and put pressure on people who can’t afford to pay the money.

In parallel with the pay increase, we are also getting a free update: the “circuits” or tweak hoax. With it, you will easily be able to see the areas it is taking over, and refresh in greater shock rather than micromanaging.

Check out the tailor above. Expansion is coming this year, but no date has been set.

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