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Higgins reflects on the bittersweet memories of the UK Championship

Higgins reflects on the bittersweet memories of the UK Championship

Snooker fans witnessed a fantastic display of skill and sportsmanship as Higgins triumphed over his opponent, with the pair involved in many intense matches over the years.

One of those occasions was in 2009, where it was more than just the final in which he lost. The sponsors of the contest that year were Pukka Pie, with the winner also entitled to receive his or her body weight worth of delicious food.

In a match against Junhui during the tournament final, Higgins found himself on the verge of victory, but was thwarted by the tantalizing allure of the coveted prize. With tensions mounting and the stakes high, Higgins stumbled at a crucial juncture, narrowly losing both the title and the pie bonus.

“I had some great times at Telford, obviously winning the UK Championship in 2010,” Higgins recalls. “But the 2009 final against Deng is what really hurt. I missed out on the Pukka Pies trophy. I'm still devastated.”

He defeated Mark Williams in the 2010 final after a year to atone for his mistakes 12 months earlier.

Despite his recent victory over Junhui, Higgins remains keenly aware of the challenges that have plagued his path to victory all season.

Having reached the semi-finals five times, Higgins has consistently demonstrated his prowess on the snooker circuit. However, final victory remained elusive, casting a pall of disappointment over his impressive performance.

Glasgow will now be hoping he can go one step further in the Championship after starting his run since the start of the calendar year.

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Higgins said “Great performance from me because I always struggled against Deng. He always had my number, but the last few times we played I was able to beat him. I appreciate him so much, he's just a great player, so great for him.

“It's getting better compared to the beginning of the year. There were some things going wrong for me, but I've been fighting my game. I seem to be past that now, so I feel a lot better.” I think I have a good chance of advancing to the final now.