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Here's Boris Johnson's speech derailed - and now it's under fire

Here’s Boris Johnson’s speech derailed – and now it’s under fire

Conservative MPs are increasingly concerned about Boris Johnson’s skills and ambition after the speech. Senior members of his party have said Johnson needs to get the government back on track after two weeks of stumbling, following the admission that he “hit his car in a ditch” in his handling of the lobbyist scandal surrounding a former minister.

Praised Greta Grace Theme Park

In Monday’s speech, one of Johnson’s most drawn-out points was his recent trip to Peppa Pig World in Hampshire – an amusement park dedicated to children’s cartoon character Greta Gris.

On another occasion, he compared himself to Moses regarding the currency of his plan to help companies invest in tackling climate change. “I told my officials that the new Ten Commandments are that industries such as offshore wind, hydrogen, nuclear, and coal mining should be developed.” He also imitated the sound of a gas car.

“I thought it went well”

Corporate directors were unhappy about Johnson’s lack, in their view, of substantive policies. At the same time, it is not only the prime minister’s debatable statements that are causing outrage. He is accused of losing control of a number of important political areas from welfare to railways.

After the speech, Johnson was asked if he was OK by a reporter. The Prime Minister defended his performance, saying, “I think people got the vast majority of points I wanted to raise, and I think it went well.”

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