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China downgrades Lithuania's diplomatic status after row over Taiwan

China downgrades Lithuania’s diplomatic status after row over Taiwan

On Sunday, China returned to the brink against Lithuania in the ongoing dispute since last summer, after Lithuania decided to allow Taiwan to open a representative office in Vilnius, in effect an embassy.

For China, it is a red curtain, because it is believed that the island of Taiwan, an independent democracy, belongs to China, not its own country.

China increased pressure Against countries that have relations with Taiwan, claims in a blunt statement that Lithuania is violating “fundamental norms in international relations” and “blatantly interfering in China’s internal affairs,” and states that it will reduce relations with Lithuania to the level of the charge. without the rank of ambassador.

“We urge the Lithuanian side to immediately correct its mistake and not underestimate the Chinese people’s resolute determination to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry wrote, according to Reuters.

“Whatever Taiwan does, it cannot change the fact that it is part of China,” the statement continued.

Taiwan, however, considers itself one An independent country, officially called the Republic of China, unlike the People’s Republic of China, which allegedly never ruled Taiwan and had no right to take its own actions.

Only about 15 countries in the world have recognized Taiwan as their own country and have diplomatic relations with it. Many other countries have representative offices in the capital, Taipei, which actually serves as the country’s diplomatic mission. Then they are often called, as in Sweden, the “Taipei Mission” or, as in other countries, the “Taipei Economic and Cultural Representation Office”. These are found in about 60 countries.

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Since the conflict with Lithuania erupted last summer, China has halted virtually all Lithuanian exports to China, prompting Washington to provide just over SEK 5 billion to support exports.

She said in a recent interview US President Joe Biden said the United States is committed to defending Taiwan militarily if it is attacked by China. This happened after China increased pressure on the island nation, among other things by allowing fighter jets to fly into Taiwan’s air defense zone on about 150 occasions.

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