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Here is the new function of the IFK profile - in the Gripen competitor

Here is the new function of the IFK profile – in the Gripen competitor

In 2000, Magnus Norden joined IFK Vänersborg after starting his coaching career at Selånger. He then stayed at the club for nine years before leaving for a stint at GAIS.

Norden then made a brief comeback in Wienersburg after Patrick Carlson was sent off and had to step in again and lead the team. Prior to that, Norden also had time to reside as head coach at Gripen Trollhättan.

Just two weeks ago, TTELA was able to talk about Magnus Nordin’s exciting new assignment, which means he took over as the new national team captain for the British women’s national team. This is after he won two gold medals at the World Cup as captain of the Swedish women’s national team.

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– To me, this is a bit like giving back to Pandey. Magnus Nordan told TTELA at the time that the pandey comes from the UK from the start, so there is a very funny history.

‘Feeling really fun’

It is now clear that the job of national captain is not the only new job for Magnus Norden. Now he is also presented as the new head of the entire Swedish IFK Kungälv club academy.

– When you look at IFK Kungälv from the outside, it has been ups and downs in the federation both sportingly and organizationally, but now a lot has happened in the federation in recent years which means now it is blowing positive winds once again on both sides Magnus Nordan tells IFK Kungälv website, The financial as well as the sports, and that I’ll finally be able to work with an association again feels really fun because I’m basically an association.

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Then he continues:

They have done a solid job with the existing three-year plan and my contribution to it will also be that I will be there to support both the players and the leaders that are in the federation. Now at first there will be some repository where you need to listen to the people in the association and absorb the knowledge that is available, then of course I hope to be able to contribute what I brought with me to my bank that I gained after 25 years as a leader, says Magnus Norden.