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Here's the morning news

Here is the morning news

The attacks continue

Last night, Israel opened artillery fire against Lebanon.

During the night and morning, airstrikes continued on both sides.

The Times of Israel reported that about 90 bombs were sent from Gaza last night. According to Israeli officials, the 20 bombs landed in Gaza. Rocket warnings were issued in the morning on the Israeli side. A Palestinian rocket struck a house in southern Israel, local officials said.

No one was at home and no reports of injuries were reported, the Times of Israel said.

At the same time, Israel continued airstrikes on Gaza, setting many buildings on fire. No injuries were reported so far.

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20 cases of mutation

As of early May, 20 cases of the new Govt variant in India had been detected in Sweden, according to the Public Health Agency Swedish Radio Accord.

– I think it’s very clear that this is worse than the British variant, says Joachim Tilner at the Karolinska Institute to Eco.

Most of the cases have travel links with India.

The British government’s Science Council sage suspects that the Indian variant is up to 50 percent more contagious than the British type, and the number of cases in the UK has also increased in recent weeks, according to Sky News.

So far, there are no indications that vaccines will work in this variant.

Ikea is reminiscent of children’s products

Plates, bowls and cups from Ikea can break and cause burns.

The company now recalls “Heroisk” and “Talrika”, the latter being a series for children, the company writes in a press release. Ikea appeals to customers to return products.

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According to Ikea, all of their products have been tested and “meet current standards and regulations”. Despite this, the company has received information that the products are going to break down.

When plates, bowls or cups are broken, they can cause burns, the press release said.

Therefore, “heroic” and “abundant” products can be refunded in full, even without a receipt.

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