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Dus is ready for the final at Eurovision

Dus is ready for the final at Eurovision

Dussey sang as the fourth entry in the first semifinal, and competed against 15 entries, 10 of which followed. On Thursday, it will be decided that the other 10 will advance from the second semi-final. Six countries are directly eligible.

A good one at a press conference Just after midnight the night before Wednesday, an apparently relaxed and very cheerful Dussey holding the Swedish flag in front of him:

– We went crazy when we heard “Sweden” shouting. Dussey said the wait was pure torture.

– When I first heard the song, I was completely taken aback by the fact that you can unite people that way in a single song. I’m so glad Europe loved it, Sweden is back in the final. I did not betray Sweden!

Dussey said he too A month ago worried that the voice would not like:

– I’m so glad the voice is back now. Just happy! I dedicate the song to everyone who does not hear their voices. To all the lonely souls in a world that is truly lonely.

With the exception of the host nation, the Netherlands, the so-called Big Five, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Germany always go straight to the final, with 26 countries to win on Saturday.

Despite the racing platforms against him in recent days, Dussey was able to take Sweden to the final.

The match was decided in advance 3,500 spectators were fully vaccinated at the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam.

Besides Sweden, Norway, Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Lithuania, Cyprus, Belgium and Ukraine reached the final.

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Slovenia, Australia, Northern Macedonia, Ireland, Croatia and Romania were eliminated.

Before the semifinals D.S. When asked what he thought it would be like for Dass, he replied that he hoped it would go on, but did not want to say more than that “I think we will go to the final” – so it was.

“Voices” is found on the back of the song vi Joy Depp, Linnia Depp, Jimmy “Joker” Thornbelt and Anders Rettow.

– There were so many colorful songs and musical expressions, so tonight was extra tense. Being a part of taking Sweden further into such a difficult semifinal is now incredibly good and good. I’m so happy, says Anders Redov, minutes after it became clear that Dussey had moved on.

In Tuesday’s semifinals, there were two big pre-favorites, Cyprus and Malta.

Later in the evening, a lot was drawn Various contributions will appear in the final half. Sweden, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Ukraine and Norway appear in the second half. Malta, Israel, Cyprus, Belgium and Russia perform their songs in the first half.

The Russian Manisha said that the critique he chose to sing in Russian was a bar and did not want to talk about all the “haters” who criticized him:

– I love Russian, let’s sing in Russian, I’m proud of that, he said.

The draw is still going on.