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Here are the travel rules for popular destinations

Here are the travel rules for popular destinations

With the change of injury situation, the rules can be changed in a short time. The information in the article was retrieved November 22.

Sweden is classified as a “high risk area” within the European Union, which means that travelers from Sweden are covered by stricter entry rules.


In Spain, the usual rules apply in principle: everyone twelve years of age or older must provide a certificate of vaccination, a negative test result or a certificate of infection with the Covid virus within the past six months.

For those arriving by air or sea, full health declaration requirements apply within 48 hours of arrival. For those arriving by land, a health permit is not required, but other rules apply.

There is no general closure yet and no requirements for mouth protection if you can maintain a distance of 1.5 meters to others. On the other hand, there is a possibility to introduce local infection control measures locally, such as curfews. There are also local rules for bar opening hours.


since 1 november You do not need a full vaccination Swedes are in quarantine. However, you must book a private lock hotel for the first night, then the PCR test is included.

Everyone who travels to Thailand should have a so-called Thailand dates, where you declare on proof of vaccination, passport, that you have sufficient capital for the trip and booked the first night in the hotel in a closed hotel.

Unvaccinated travelers must apply for an entry permit and quarantine for up to eleven nights in a quarantine hotel (paid for by the traveler).

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Oral protection requirements both outdoors and indoors in certain areas. There is also a nighttime curfew in some provinces, but it has been lifted in many popular destinations.


As of November 22, the country owns Extensive shutdowns With a round-the-clock curfew in addition to the most necessary cases.

For those who want to eat restaurant food, fast food is applied. All kinds of cultural and entertainment establishments are closed.

Actions can be valid for 20 days, and are evaluated after ten days.

For those who still wish to travel to Austria in the near future, a Covid passport, completed proof of infection or a negative Covid test is required.

It should also be noted that as of December 6, the vaccination certificate is valid only for 270 days from vaccination.

Further restrictions regarding entry to restaurants and hotels are available, see information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website


who wants Travel to England (Rules vary within the UK) It must also be tested as fully immune. The test must be booked and paid for prior to departure and taken within two days of arrival. This applies even if the stay is shorter than two days.

If the test is positive, self-isolation will be applied for ten days.

Those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons still follow the same rules as they were vaccinated. Those who choose not to vaccinate should be screened prior to departure and then on site. After that, they will self-isolate for ten days.

United States of America

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The rules vary at the state level, but there are some rules General reference points. Anyone traveling to the United States by plane must be vaccinated and be able to show a negative test result within three days before boarding the plane. You must also fill out a health declaration.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated and has not been documented exception From vaccination can not travel to the United States.


Switzerland is a little different from many EU countries. Who has been vaccinated? Do not need to test themselves before the flight. For those who have not been vaccinated, it is enough to show a negative test result, after which you do not have to quarantine, but test again after 4-7 days. The infection situation in the country has worsened, so rules around entry and testing may deserve attention.

Once inside there restrictions Oral and digestive protection requirements in certain activities such as restaurants, cinemas and fitness centers.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the destinations that Does not require a certificate When vaccinating or testing the polymerase chain reaction. However, those who cannot provide a certificate of vaccination must prove that they are insured for the duration of the stay – insurance that covers hospital care for covid-19 and any quarantine stay if necessary.

The country currently has no restrictions.

The Shard skyscraper casts a shadow over the River Thames in London. For those who wish to travel there, both vaccination and testing are required to avoid quarantine. Photo gallery. Photo: Tony Hicks/AP/TT

Costa Rica is one of the tourist spots that stand out.  There is no need for a vaccination certificate or a negative test result - just travel insurance that covers the financial costs of health care.  Photo gallery.

Costa Rica is one of the tourist spots that stand out. There is no need for a vaccination certificate or a negative test result – just travel insurance that covers the financial costs of health care. Photo gallery. Photo: Kent Gilbert/AP/TT