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FBI: Agents may have suffered from 'Havana Syndrome'

FBI: Agents may have suffered from ‘Havana Syndrome’

About ten years ago, an FBI agent began feeling unwell in connection with a station in a country near Russia. man says NBC News The embassy must have been subjected to a Russian “electronic disruption” that affected the embassy’s communications. Shortly thereafter, he developed migraines, dizziness, and fatigue – symptoms that persist today.

The man reported symptoms of a possible brain injury to the FBI, after which an agency official sent an email stating that the FBI was not authorized to provide medical advice and that there were no medical programs for current and/or retired employees.

But now the FBI promises To ensure that employees who may have been affected by Havana Syndrome receive medical assistance.

The authority said in a statement that it now has a process in place to help current and former employees obtain “medical assistance and assessment opportunities” and that they have informed the workforce about how to report symptoms and where they can obtain care.

This is the first time that the FBI has officially acknowledged that agents may have symptoms of Havana Syndrome.

up to 200 Current or former government employees may suffer from this syndrome, which got its name after a group of diplomats and CIA employees at the US Embassy in Cuba reported the symptoms in 2016.

In a report released last year, the US National Academy of Sciences wrote that some of the brain damage is comparable to the effects of directed microwaves, something that Russia has been searching for for a long time. After a team of medical and scientific experts studied the symptoms of 40 government employees, they concluded that nothing similar had been documented in the medical literature. Many victims heard loud noises and felt pressure in their heads, after which they felt dizzy, unsteady gait and visual disturbances – for many, the symptoms were long-lasting.

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Former intelligence agents They said they suspected Russia was behind “deliberate attacks” on diplomats and CIA agents. But the US intelligence community has not been able to gather evidence that could explain the cause of the problems and who is behind them – even if they were caused by human activity.

In September last year, the CIA’s deputy director, David Cohen, indicated that the CIA had made some progress.

– Can you say we got closer? He said I think the answer is yes – but it’s not close enough to make the analytical assessment people have been waiting for.

Russia has consistently denied these allegations.

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