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Heavy rain in Canada - woman found dead

Heavy rain in Canada – woman found dead

Heavy rain hit British Columbia in the Canadian Pacific Ocean.

A woman has been found dead in a landslide and rescue workers are searching for other people who may have died or need to be rescued.

“I am extremely concerned about the situation in British Columbia right now and what hundreds of families are going through, and thousands of people across the province are affected by these extreme weather events,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Floods and landslides forced the evacuation of about 1,000 homes in Abbotsford County and the entire town of Merritt, with 7,000 residents, after the city’s sewage system collapsed due to flooding.

300 people spent the night in cars in Vancouver

Also in the City of Hope, 1,000 people had to leave their homes and highways were closed due to floods and landslides.

Disaster relief is provided to people in the form of food, cribs and blankets.

In Vancouver, about 300 people were stuck in their cars on Monday night after roads were flooded. They can be evacuated by helicopter on Monday. On Wednesday, the roads were cleared of cars and people trapped by the floods, a Vancouver Rescue Service spokesperson said. AP.

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