At the end of June, the Kronoberg region reported a case of measles. It involved a man who had contracted the disease after probably being infected abroad. Tracing has been ongoing since then to identify individuals who may have been at risk of infection. Although infectious disease doctor Christian Blomqvist said that There is no cause for concern. Due to the measles case, healthcare workers are now being asked to pay extra attention to symptoms in the near future. Further cases cannot be ruled out, says Christian Blomqvist.

– In addition, there is a small risk that people who may have been exposed to the infection could develop a mild form of measles despite being vaccinated, called breakthrough measles. He says those who have recently been vaccinated can also develop a rash and fever from the vaccine, which can be difficult to distinguish from the disease. In the current situation.

Since measles is included in the childhood vaccination programme, it is unusual for people to become infected in Sweden. In the past ten years, eight cases have been diagnosed in the Kronoberg area, according to Christian Blomqvist. Common symptoms are fever, dry cough, runny nose and eye inflammation, followed by a rash a few days later.