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Spy cameras found inside Activision Blizzard toilets

Spy cameras found inside Activision Blizzard toilets

The previous unpleasant incident around Blizzard’s spy cameras erupts again in the wake of the accusations.

According to a 2018 court document, one of the then-hired IT technicians installed spy cameras inside shared bathrooms at Activision Blizzard’s Minnesota offices. An employee named Tony Ray Nixon later pleaded guilty to “interference with privacy” and was sentenced to probation.

According to the documents, the report on the cameras reached the police from an unknown person on August 23, 2018. The person says he received an email from Human Resources (HR) stating that they had found cameras in the bathrooms and that Activision was investigating the situation internally.

A police officer was dispatched to the workplace the next day, and then an office employee informed him that they had in fact found two cameras installed under the sinks. The police searched the toilets and were able to make sure that the cameras were pointed directly at the toilet seats. According to an investigation by Activision Blizzard, it was discovered that Nixon purchased SD cards, waterproof cameras, and batteries. The same equipment that was later found in the restrooms. According to Nixon, the same cameras should have filmed the toilets for three weeks, but he later removed the films.

This happened a few years ago, but in light of what Activision Blizzard stands for Accused For today, this is another event among the many that point to the fact that they have a rather unhealthy corporate culture.