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HDTVTest compares Samsung S95B with Sony A95K

HDTVTest compares Samsung S95B with Sony A95K

At CES 2022, the end of LG’s monopoly on the OLED interface was marked, when Samsung introduced the OD-OLED variant. Since then, the panel type has appeared in both gaming-oriented computer monitors and the latest TVs, including the Sony Bravia XR A95K and Samsung S95B. Despite the equivalent panels, the two models differ somewhat in some respects Vincent from HDTVTest I vowed to compare side by side.

This isn’t the first time HDTVTest has put its teeth into either of them Samsung or Sony alternative. They have been praised for their brightness and the Bravia XR A95K is highlighted for its color accuracy and range. When the two are set against each other, it’s a relatively even race, with both going home with the same number of wins as losses in the different tests.


The categories in which the Sony model is one step ahead are consistent with the advantages already noted, including better heat dissipation. Instead, the Samsung variant has a built-in safety function that reduces brightness to protect the panel, something that can be clearly seen even after a few minutes of operation. HDTVTest also believes the A95K handles low-level compressed content Bitrate Better and has something more intense Screen unification.


When it comes to gaming, Samsung is taking the lead with the S95B. Among the advantages are connectivity options, as the S95B is equipped with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports with multiples up to Sony A95K. HDTVTest also measures lower latency for Samsung samples at 60Hz, which is a significantly better 9.2ms compared to Sony’s 16ms model. The Samsung S95B is also one step ahead when testing brightness in HDR, with the A95K being a bit dull in most of the test scenario.

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Finally, the comparison is summarized by comparing the prices, in which it was found that the Samsung S95B gives the biggest picture for the money in most areas. HDTVTest also recommends Samsung over Sony for users who prioritize gaming performance. The Sony A95K, on ​​the other hand, has been praised for its picture quality, which HDTVTest considers to be superior to Samsung in movies.

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