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Better Speaker Sound: How to Get Started with Spotify Connect

Better Speaker Sound: How to Get Started with Spotify Connect

Stream to speakers with Spotify Connect

There are many ways to stream music to speakers from Spotify. Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast are the most obvious, but Spotify has its own corresponding feature called Spotify Connect. Since the speaker supports the technology, you can stream directly to the speaker without having to connect a mobile phone to it. Compared to alternatives, Spotify Connect always broadcasts at 320 kbit/s, providing better sound quality and more stable connection.

Here’s how: Look for the icon that looks like a loudspeaker and… something else behind it. It’s in the status bar to the right next to the heart when playing music, and in the lower left if you tap the status bar. If you tap on the icon, you’ll see the device the music is playing from, and if you have devices you can send music to, it’ll appear as a list so you can choose which device you want to play the music on. Your mobile phone will then act as a remote control for the speaker playing music.

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